School Policies

Rules And Regulations For Students

  • Careless or willful damage to College property will be replaced by the student.
  • It is a serious offence to manhandle any college materials/equipment.

Theft attracts disciplinary measure such as being beaten publicly on the assembly and one week suspension.

Any student caught fighting will be suspended from school for one week. Unlawful meetings and demonstration is forbidden. Class boycott is punishable by manual labour. Roaming about when lessons are in progress attracts disciplinary measure like sweeping the classroom for one week.

Noise making is not allowed. It is punishable by six strokes of cane and washing of toilets.

Gambling of any type is forbidden. An offender is sent home on one week suspension. Toy machine, radios, walkman and all other irrelevant materials should not be brought to school. They would be seized and the owner punished.

Students are not allowed to come to school with any form of mobile phones. Parents are to contact their children/wards through class teachers or school administrators for any necessary information. Any phone found with the students would be seized and punishment applied accordingly.

Any student found guilty of any offence attracts punishment like cancelling all the examination scripts during the exam. Repeated actions attract expulsion.

The official mode of communication is English Language expect subject situations. Defaulters will be severely punished. Foul languages attract punishment as being beaten on the assembly

All students are expected to be in school latest 7:45 am when the assembly starts. Latecomers will be subjected to manure labour and may be sent back home that day. It is mandatory that all students be present at the school assemblies. Every student must have a copy of Holy Bible and Songs of Praise.

Eating and chewing during lessons and in odd places are prohibited. Students caught doing these will sweep the class for one week.

Students who fail to do their assignment will be asked to sweep the classroom for one week. A repeat will attract suspension.

Students are expected to be in the right school uniform and shoes. Dirty, indecent and irresponsible appearances will attract strict punishment and seizure of such items. Students with untidy appearance will be sent back home. Students are not allowed to use perfumes, keep long nails, wear rings or long earrings, wristband, fly the top of their shirt or blouses, e.t.c.
Boys must cut their hair short to an even length. Unorthodox haircuts, blown hair, strengthened hair or any elaborate hair style are not permitted. Girls must adhere to the hair style prescribed for each week in the school.
Such acts attract punishment like being beaten on the assembly and habitual attitude, attracts an indefinite suspension.

Every student is expected to be polite and upright in character. Rude and indecently behaved students who have refused to change will be expelled from the college.

Senior students are expected to forcefully send their juniors on errands. Every student should be happy and free.

⦁ Cult is prohibited. Students suspected and found to be connected with cult and secret societies will be expelled and handed over to the police.
⦁ Practicing strange religious acts is not allowed. Insistence on any strange religious practices will lead to expulsion from the school. The school is a Christian school therefore, practices of other religion are not allowed.
⦁ Anti-social behaviour manifested by students are investigated and punished and such handed to policemen.

Smoking is a criminal act. Students caught will be expelled.

Students whose school fee for the previous term has not been fully paid will not be allowed in the school on the next resumption date.

To keep the compound and surrounding clean is the responsibility of every student. It is a tradition for students to pick up litters anywhere on the compound and disposed of them in bins without being told.

Recommended textbooks, notebooks, drawing board and mathematical set are to be provided to all students. The school authority has the right to demand for students working tools and writing materials.

Club meetings are compulsory. Students are expected to formally register in the clubs they belong to.

No students should go out of the school compound without obtaining permission from authority.

Students must respect both teaching and non teaching staff at all times. Prefects and Class Representatives should also be respected.

Students of Hebron College must behave decently always in and outside the school.
Students are strongly advised to keep off area marked “Out of Bound” at all times.
Students must ensure that they do what is right always.

Parents and their relation cannot visit their ward during school hours. Parents must ensure that they book appointment to see the principal before hand. All visitors are advised to go to the school reception.

⦁ Lateness to the lunch hall is forbidden
⦁ Appearance: On no account should any student wear anything not recommended to the dinning hall.
⦁ Noise making in the hall is forbidden.
⦁ Proper cutlery should be use during lunch time
⦁ No student should eat before general prayer
⦁ No student should leave the hall after lunch without general prayer
⦁ Roaming about the lunch hall is prohibited
⦁ Table head must ensure that they leave the table decently before leaving the hall
⦁ A student should not take another student’s meal
⦁ Students are strongly advised not to touch the walls in the lunch hall.
⦁ Students who wish to get extra ration may do so with their cash ticket
⦁ Plates, cup and cutlery provided should be handled with care always
⦁ Students who wish to buy soft drink must have their cash ticket as this is the only currency accepted in the tuck shop
⦁ Students are advised to maintain decent table manners always

Hebron College Rules And Guidelines On Examination

The examination committee and the academic board of the school approved decisions are bidding on all candidates for the school examinations. The following should therefore serve as guide to students of the school.

  • Cheating in any form throughout examinations period is totally forbidden. Any established case of examination malpractice in the form of copying from prepared material, spying, exchange of examination scripts and bribing of person shall be severely punished. Any student found guilty will be expelled from the school.

  • Reading magazines, news paper journal hand-outs in the exam hall ten (10) minutes before the beginning of all examination is not allowed.

  • All candidates must ensure that their body, seat, desks, tables and immediate surrounding are free from implicating materials. All cases that may implicate candidates must be reported to the invigilator/supervisors before they are detected.

  • Bags, notebooks, textbooks, toys of all kind must be kept outside examination hall or room.

  • Students’ identity cards should be taken to the examination hall and should be kept on the desk during examinations.

  • Examination officers, supervisor and invigilator reserve the right to search any candidates at any time during examination.

  • Rudeness to examination officer will attract severe disciplinary measures which may lead to expulsion.

  • Candidates are advised to carefully read and comply with all examination instructions on the answers scripts and examination questions.

  • Students may not leave the examination hall or collect any materials until the examination is over.

  • Assisting fellow student in any form is criminal. Student caught cheating during examination are properly investigated and where a clear case of cheating is established, student involved are made to repeat the whole examination.

  • Students retaking papers should notify the tutor.

  • Students in JSS 3 and SS 3 involved in any form of examination mal-practices shall be expelled

Important !

The Principal has the responsibility of ensuring that the school rules and regulations are maintained within the premises of the school. The Principal, through his officers, may take action at any time as may deem necessary.