Literary and Debating

Literary and Debating Club

The literary and debating club aims at preparing, educating and helping students to discover and acquire some communicative skills which will help them to stand out in their respective professions.

We meet every Wednesday between 2.50 to 3.30. 


We have considered some topics which includes:

  • Cultural and Religious Differences
  • The bone  of contention in Nigeria
  • Home Video has done more harm than good to the lives of the Youths and soon.

There are 10 students and six teachers in the club.

  1. Mrs Adesida Theresa
  2. Mr Obajemu Folusho
  3. Mrs Oladele Olufunke
  4. Mrs Egbuawa Grace
  5. Mrs Afeniforo Adenike
  6. Mrs Farayola Victori

On 6th of February, 2020, the club went for a competition in which the school came out with second position. The topic was E-voting is better than ballot system.